Introducing eCatch

eCatch is an electronic logbook for the recording and submitting of commercial fishing catch. It supports all fishing methods and is compliant with the Fisheries New Zealand electronic catch reporting regulations. Partner it with a position reporting (GPR) device from Pivotel to be fully compliant with all the new regulations.


What device do I need?

The eCatch Logbook will run on your existing smartphone or tablet, Android or iOS. We recommend an IP69 rated device with a stylus/pen – these work better when the screen gets wet.


We’ve partnered with Pivotel New Zealand for the most cost effective satellite transmission solution for the typical eCatch user. Pivotel provide the industry standard Rock Seven devices along with their own Tracertrak online portal for monitoring.


A waterproof and rugged GPR solution, built for the marine environment. Ideal for day fishers who want a fixed, affordable satellite-based solution for permanent installation on vessels.

Check here for current pricing.


A reliable, long-life, battery powered, portable Iridium satellite solution designed to go wherever you do.

Check here for current pricing

For multi-day trips – option 1: Fleet One

If you are fishing for multiple days away from cellular data you’ll need to submit your eCatch data via satellite. Pivotel New Zealand provide a satellite solution called the Fleet One:

  • Creates a wifi network on your boat that will allow you to submit your catch reports using satellite data.
  • Comes with a handset for making satellite phone calls.
  • Can be configured to allow access to other websites. For example, marine weather reports.

Check device pricing and data plan pricing. The 5MB or 15MB plan should be sufficient for most users, depending on your usage. Contact Pivotel for help and to order: or 0508 882 448.

For multi-day trips – option 2: Starlink

eCatch works perfectly with Starlink, plus you get high-speed internet on your vessel. For current options and pricing check


We’ve had positive reports from our customers using the cheaper Starlink Roam as opposed to the more expensive Starlink Maritime version. Talk to us about Starlink or contact Starlink directly.

How does the eCatch Logbook work?

The eCatch app submits data to FishServe over cellular or wifi connections via eCatch Servers.

You don’t have to be in cellular coverage while fishing. Catch data will be saved and synced when you get back in range.

How do I get eCatch?

eCatch is available now! You can start reporting straight away or you can try eCatch for free for 2 weeks. Enter your details on our registration page, it should only take a few minutes to get you started.

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