Cost, Term & Billing

How much does eCatch cost?

  • Annual registration: $100 + GST per vessel or land-based fisher. Charged annually, in advance.
  • Monthly fee: $60 + GST per vessel or  land-based fisher. Charged retrospectively, only if you submit data to FishServe within the calendar month. Devices from ~$600 + GST
  • GPR: $60 + GST per month. Charged in advance. $10 + GST per month to suspend service. Devices from $1499 + GST.
  • The eCatch App, including updates, is free to download. It can be installed on as many devices as you wish.
  • If you use a cellular data service for the transmission of data from your device to the eCatch server there will be additional costs, independent from eCatch, depending on your cellular provider.

Is there any minimum term for the eCatch service?

There is no minimum term for the eCatch Logbook. In addition, you only pay for the months that you use the service.

There is no minimum term for GPR access but there is a $10 + GST per month fee to suspend the service.

What if I have multiple people reporting catch?

The eCatch App can be installed on as many devices, for as many people as you choose, at no additional cost. Payment is made in arrears for each vessel.

What if I don’t have a vessel? For example, land based fishing.

In this event the billing will be per entity (fisher) fishing.

Features of the eLogbook App

What fishing methods does the App support?

eCatch currently supports all fishing methods.

What about catch location reporting?

The App records a GPS location for each fishing event. Please make sure you’re using a device with built-in GPS and ensure a clear view of the sky (through a window is generally fine).

If I’m out of cellular range, how does my catch get reported?

eCatch uses either a cellular signal or wifi for transmission. If you’re out of range the App will cache the data until a signal is reacquired. This is compliant with New Zealand Fisheries Reporting regulations.

I have internet access via a satellite connected, wifi network on my boat already. Will eCatch transmit catch data if I connect my device to that?


Does the App include catch landing functionality?


Does the App generate monthly reports?

No. These should be generated from the FishServe online portal.

GPR Service

Please see the FAQs on Pivotel’s website.

Devices, Installation & Training

What sort of device do  I need?

You can use any modern Android or iOS, tablet or smartphone to run the App. The device you choose must include GPS. An active cellular data connection is strongly recommended as it will allow you to submit data while in cellular coverage, not just wifi. More than likely you have a compatible device in your pocket right now!

Minimum system requirements to run eCatch

Recommended device (IP68 rated)

Does my device need to be waterproof?

Given the nature of the marine environment we strongly recommend either purchasing a water and dust resistant device or encasing it in a rugged, waterproof case.

Where should I install my device?

The device running the eCatch App can be installed wherever convenient. It must however have a clear view of the sky in order to get an accurate signal from the GPS satellite network.

Is there any installation cost?

The device running the eCatch logbook will typically be battery powered and hand-held so doesn’t require any additional installation. However you may choose to purchase a cradle and mounting bracket to secure it.

There is no installation cost for the portable RockStar GPR device. If you wish to have your RockFleet GPR device hardwired, there will be costs associated with it.

How do I get a cellular data connection for my device?

You’ll need to purchase a SIM card for the device you purchase, and choose whether to go on a data only plan, on account or prepaid. Please check with the retailer at purchase time to see if they can help set you up. Otherwise visit a 2Degrees,  Spark, or Vodafone retail store to get help setting up the cellular connection. If you already have service with one of the cellular providers you may be able use the data allocation you already have and register your eCatch device as a companion device or data sharer on the same account.

How much data does the app use?

The app uses very little data. A small data pack of 250MB/month should be well enough for reporting.

What if I have a problem with my device?

Other than confirming the device is capable of running the App, eCatch does not offer any troubleshooting of the device you choose to run the App on. If the problem is hardware related you should contact the supplier of the device.

Given the App can be installed on as many devices as you wish we recommend you keeping a backup installation available, such as on your smartphone. This will allow you to keep fishing in the event of a hardware failure of your primary device.

What about training?

There’s a training mode within the App where any data entered will not be submitted to FishServe. If you have a larger team you want to get up and running quickly we also offer on-site training at extra cost. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Data, Security & Troubleshooting

Is my data secure?

Yes. We use industry standards to encrypt all data both on the device, during transmission, and on our server.

Where is my data stored?

Data is stored on both the device on which it’s reported, on eCatch’s server, and ultimately on FishServe servers.

Who owns my data?

The data remains the property of the person reporting it. This may or may not be the permit holder. eCatch stores the data on behalf of the owner for the duration of usage of our service. All data associated with that user will be deleted from eCatch servers if the annual registration fee is not renewed.

Will eCatch use my data?

eCatch will only make use of your data as required for troubleshooting any issues with the service. We will not on-sell it or reuse it for any commercial purpose that is not stated in the Terms & Conditions of the service provision.